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My Writing

Summer 2022

Chasing Lanternflies:
Youth Voices from a Hot New Brunswick Summer

Chasing Lanternflies Cover .jpg

A 60 page, self published anthology featuring the work of 18 young BIPOC, queer, and trans artists, writers, and musicians based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Curated, Edited, Designed, and Published by Kenia D. Hale

Literary Cleveland, Reflections of The Land: Meditations on Environment & Industry
April 2022

A speculative climate fiction about a Black Trans girl and her family as they travel the country in search of her grandfather.

School For Poteic Computation
Reading into the Past/Writing into the Future: Seeds for a New Pattern
Spring 2022

An excerpt from a speculative fiction story about a family separation, the climate crisis, and mycelium. Included in a School for Poetic Computation class zine.

The Hopper Literary Mag
Spring 2022

"Data That Chills"

A speculative fiction inspired by Julia Velkova’s paper “Data that warms: Waste heat, infrastructural convergence and the computation traffic commodity,” imagining a data future in which the city of Cleveland has been chosen as a test site for an emerging technology that uses data waste heat to heat homes.

Yale Historical Review, The 1701 Project
Jan. 2021

An essay about the history of Black migration and artistic representations of Black migration urbanisms.

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