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Personal Profile

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I'm a young writer and artist from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. A grandchild of the great migration (via Mississippi, Arkansas, and Georgia)  I'm a recent graduate of Yale University, where I majored in Computing and the Arts. I'm now an Emerging Scholar at the Princeton University Center for Information Technology Policy and the Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab, where I research liberatory technologies, digital marronage, and Black Techno-Ecologies. I love writing and dreaming of new futures where Black folks can be freer than they are here. In my spare time, I like collaging, playing with my band Speakeasy, and reading the ever growing pile of books on my night stand. Below are some of my experiences - download my CV for the full list of my experiences.

Professional Experience

August 2021 - Present

Emerging Scholar Predoctoral Fellow

Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy, Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab

Performing research at the intersection of environmental justice and tech, cofacilitating an EJ + tech reading group


Facilitator in the Ida B Wells Data Justice Lab, with projects on abolitionist data tools, liberatory online spaces and

digital tools for environmental justice

To learn more, check out my research:


Yale University

2017 - 2021

B.A. in Computing and the Arts, Architecture Concentration, with distinction in the major GPA: 3.73

Senior Thesis: “Algorithms of Protest:’ How Cities Change Protests and Protests Change Cities”

Advisor: Theodore Kim


  • Yale College Don Nakanishi Prize,

  • Yale Afro-American Cultural Center Janifer Lynn Lighten ’83 Leadership Award

  • Silliman College Diversity and Inclusion Award

  • Sherwood E. Silliman Fellowship

  • John E. Linck and Alanne

  • Headland Linck Fellowship

  • Code2040 Fellowship

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