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Hi! I'm Kenia

An emerging scholar, writer, and multidisciplinary artist.


About Me

I'm a young writer, scholar, and multidisciplinary artist from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  I graduated from Yale University in 2021, with my BA in Computing and the Arts with an Architecture Concentration.

Now, I'm an Emerging Scholar Pre-Doctoral fellow at the Princeton University Center for Information Technology Policy and the Ida B. Well's Just Data Lab, where I research liberatory technologies, digital marronage, and Black Techno-Ecologies.

I'm a writer, multi-disciplinary artist, and dreamer. I'm passionate about environmental justice, climate fiction, and creating a world where Black folks and marginalized communities can breathe freer than we can here.

My Projects

Porch Water Press

Based in Lenapehoking (New Brunswick, NJ),

Porch Water Press is a publishing house honoring and celebrating the history of the porch, the home, the waters, and Black, queer women led publishing projects as sites of revolution. We're dedicated to creating a space for creative community, prioritizing Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, and other folks claiming the margins as the center. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-16 at 1.13.33 PM.png

Turtle Trouble!

I programmed a game with

Jersey House Studio about a little turtle fighting a polluting factory to protect her home.

Made throuhgout Spring 2023 using Unity 2D and C++.

Play it below (best on desktop)!

Recently Published!

Chasing Lanternflies:
Youth Voices from a Hot New Brunswick Summer

A 60 page, self published anthology featuring the work of 18 young BIPOC, queer, and trans artists, writers, and musicians based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Curated, Edited, Designed, and Published by Kenia D. Hale

Chasing Lanternflies Cover .jpg

#AskTheAuthor with Kenia Hale, Author of 'Chasing Lanternflies'

Author, Kenia Hale, all the way from Ohio joins us for our #AskTheAuthor series. We discuss the release of her new book, "Chasing Lantenflies". Kenia and her co-authors will be present September 18th between 6 and 9 pm for a book signing at our open mic event, "Express Yourself".

My climate justice story, "Holding and Being Held" on Inherited Podcast Season 2


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